TUA President Brian Skelton is getting a raise, thanks to a vote from the board of the Tullahoma Utilities Authority.

At its March 26 meeting, the board voted unanimously to approve a 4.23 percent raise for the utility authority president, setting Skelton’s annual pay at just over $206,000.

The raise includes both a merit-based increase and a cost-of-living adjustment, according to board member J.T. Northcutt, who chairs the board’s compensation committee.

The committee was tasked with coming up with a reasonable adjustment to Skelton’s salary in conjunction with another board committee, the president’s evaluation committee. Both committees worked hand-in-hand in order to evaluate Skelton’s performance over the past year and determine how much, if any, the board would raise the president’s salary for the next fiscal year, according to comments from Northcutt.



According to Northcutt, a number of factors went into the review of Skelton’s performance as part of the evaluation. All committee members and board members were given a short survey and asked to rank Skelton’s performance in certain areas of his job on a one-to-five scale, with five being “excellent,” four being “very good,” three being “average,” two as “reasonable” and one as “poor,” according to Northcutt.

He added that no board member ranked any aspect of Skelton’s performance as less than “very good.”

Also factoring into the evaluation were how Skelton had progressed the vision of TUA. Projects such as the solar farm and the switch of all the city-owned street lights to LED lights factored in, with Northcutt saying he’d heard “numerous compliments” about the latter project.

The committee also held a public meeting on March 3 at which any member of the community was free to give input into Skelton’s evaluation or say anything to the committee, Northcutt said, though it was not attended by any community members.

“There was no public present, but we did have the meeting,” he said.

When that was completed, the committee sent its recommendation to the board at large.


The recommendation

That recommendation, Northcutt said, was to raise Skelton’s salary by 4.23 percent.

“That’s what we are recommending,” he said.

When asked by board chairman Steve Cope what the cost-of-living portion of that raise amounted to, Northcutt said it was 2.4 percent, meaning Skelton was receiving a 1.83-percent merit-based raise.

That brought his newly-proposed salary to $206,392. Skelton’s previous salary was $198,016, according to board member Andy Nelius.

Nelius made a motion to approve the $206,392 figure, but Northcutt requested the motion be amended to “round off” the amount to $206,400.

Nelius amended his motion to the higher figure, and the board unanimously approved the new salary for Skelton.

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