At its Monday, May 20 meeting, the Tullahoma City Schools Board of Education said goodbye to 16 employees as they retired from the district.

The retired employees from 2019 are:

Wrenea Farrar, Jack T. Farrar Elementary School

Randy Roepke, Jack T. Farrar Elementary School

Michelle Cantrell, Jack T. Farrar Elementary School

Kathy Abbott, Jack T. Farrar Elementary School

Claudia Van Cleave, East Lincoln Elementary School

Sandra Weiten, East Lincoln Elementary School

Karen Lawson, West Middle School

Keith Gilliam, Tullahoma High School

Dean Rodenbeck, Tullahoma High School

Steve Britton, Tullahoma High School

Karen Barlow, Robert E. Lee Elementary School

Dana Ott, Bel-Aire Elementary School

Tammy Hatfield, Director of Special Education

Sherry S. Gernat, East Middle School

Ted Lendley, Maintenance worker

Pat Beckham, Nurse

Congratulations to all these dedicated professionals for all they did for the students of Tullahoma and the district at large.