The Public Building Authority (PBA) said goodbye to one of their members.

During the end of the Jan. 10 PBA meeting, Chairman of the PBA Stan Teal took a moment to thank outgoing member Greg Sandlin for his time on the board as the meeting would be his last one as a member.

“I appreciate giving up your time to devote to this board and appreciate your willingness to do that for your community.  Going forward, I encourage you to continue, and I know you will, to work for your community,” said Teal.

 Sandlin first thanked Mayor Gary Cordell for appointing him to the board. “This is a tough board to serve on,” said Sandlin.  “It’s still a strong asset to the community, we got to find ways to communicate that to the taxpayers on what it does bring back to the community.”

Sandlin submitted his resignation letter to Cordell Jan. 1 and takes effect in Jan. 31.

Sandlin talked about his contribution as a PBA member during his time. 

“I’ve been on the board for two years and two months now and we made some progress in getting our expenses down and made some tough choices with our contributions. I think we made a lot of the right moves and are going in the right direction,” said Sandlin.

Sandlin represented Tullahoma on the PBA board.

In his resignation letter, Sandlin encouraged Cordell and the county commission to appoint a Tullahoma resident with experience in contract negotiations to help with the process of the transition after the contract between Coffee County and Manchester City expires.

“I guess we’re in this transitional phase once this building is paid off and I know the county commission is really focused to realign the next contract to make as many people as happy as possible as that’s hard to do for this three government county,” said Sandlin. “I know there will be a lot of smart people tackling that and I thought I didn’t have a lot to offer to that process so I thought I would bail out at this time.  Hopefully you can find somebody with a little contract and business experience to help with that process.”

Currently the county and Manchester City equally share the operating losses of the center. Once the bonds are paid off in 2021, the city and county can terminate their responsibility of the expenses of the conference center.

When asked about Sandlin’s vacant seat, Cordell said anyone interested in the seat must be a resident of Tullahoma, as Sandlin represented Tullahoma along with Teal. Those interested should call the county mayor’s office pick and fill out a form to be considered for the seat.  He said the county commission will vote for the appointment in the March commission meeting as there is no February meeting.

“I appreciate his service to that authority in the past and I wish him the best in the future and thank him for his service,” said Cordell about Sandlin’s resignation.

The other PBA board members currently are as follows: Stan Teal representing Tullahoma, David Pennington representing Manchester, Claude Morse representing Manchester, David Pate representing rural Coffee County, Zach Lowry representing rural Coffee County and Patricia Pinegar representing rural Coffee County.

Any Tullahoma resident interested in filling Sandlin’s seat on PBA may contact the mayor’s office for more information.

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