A visitor to Tullahoma left town with a high opinion of T-Town after a stranger paid it forward for him, buying his meal at Waffle House.

“You are fortunate to have someone like him in your community,” said Blake Alligood of Franklin, N.C., who was recently here visiting someone. “He was a ray of sunshine. We need more people like him.”

Alligood knows this Good Samaritan only by the name of David.

“He was wearing a crossing guard outfit, and my waitress told me he works as a crossing guard at one of the schools,” Alligood said regarding the man who welcomed him with a big smile as he came to his table to speak and then bought his lunch despite being a total stranger. “All he asked is that I pay it forward sometime for someone else.”

Alligood admitted he has been through a lot recently in his life and that the kindness of the stranger known only as David made things a little better for him.

“He is an angel,” Alligood said. “What a wonderful blessing.”

Alligood said he plans to do exactly what David asked and pay it forward for someone.

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