Becky Buller

Bluegrass musician Becky Buller will be among the local artists performing at the inaugural Lynchburg Music Fest in August. Buller, the 2016 IBMA Fiddler and Female Vocalist of the Year, lives in Manchester.

The first-ever Lynchburg Music Fest will be held Aug. 23-24 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day in Wiseman Park.

Local performers such as Macy Tabor, the Becky Buller Band and Sarah Pearson are on the docket to perform.

Jonny Hill, president of Igniter Productions and the promoter of the first Lynchburg Music Fest, is no overnight business success.

“It takes time to build something. It doesn’t happen overnight,” Hill said.

Besides Igniter, the 29-year-old is owner or part-owner of Lynchburg Radio and Tullahoma’s Flex-Up Fitness – often teaming with business partner Marshall Liles – and he’s a songwriter.

Igniter is in just its fifth year of operation and is on its way to being a full-service music entity.

The Lynchburg Music Fest – with stars like Easton Corbin, Jamey Johnson, Joe Diffie, David Lee Murphy and Montgomery Gentry among others on the bill – will be huge for Lynchburg.

It’s huge for Hill, too; he wants to give back to his hometown and make it something special.

“I want it to be an annual event. Not get bigger, get better and better. Become like a pilgrimage,” Hill said.

But it isn’t the biggest thing that Hill hopes to achieve in his life.

 “The Lynchburg Music Fest, as important as it is to me to be a success, is not the be-all, end-all.

“Success to everybody is different. You have to determine what your success is. My vision of success is all about one day Igniter being a very big entity in music,” Hill said. “Much more than putting on a concert in Lynchburg. Much more than the ‘Shine On’ series at the Lynchburg Winery … it’s publishing, it’s A&R, it’s producing, it’s recording. As long as there is a breath in my body, it won’t stop.

“To be passionate about something you’re doing, you have to love the process. Loving the process is why I hit my destination,” he said.

Ticket prices for the Lynchburg Music Fest range from $110 for a general admission weekend pass to $275 for VIP passes.

Camping passes cost between $30-300.

Parking passes range from $10-30.

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