Police are investigating a man who claimed to be a fireman in the Normandy area who arrived at a home to put out a fire that wasn’t a fire.

“He came to (a woman’s) house on Flowertown Road identifying himself as a firefighter, saying he had received a call to her residence in reference to a fire,” the police report reads.

The woman said the man arrived in a red truck with lights and siren activated and said there was a fire getting near the tree line that needed to be put out. He then asked to borrow her hose. Her suspicions were heightened when she called the fire department and was told there was no report of a fire in her area. She was also told the man, whose identity she knows, was not a member of the fire department.

During her discussion with police, the woman revealed the man had been to her house two times before, both times claiming to be a fireman, complete with a radio and microphone attached to his hip. She even said he provided her with a business card at one point.

An investigation is continuing to determine if a crime has been committed and to figure out the reason for the mysterious visits to the woman’s home.

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