A 70-year-old woman has been charged with resisting arrest after side-swiping a police car and then fought with officers as they tried to arrest her.

The woman, Stella Bright, denied she ever made contact with a patrol car when she was stopped by police seconds after the incident that happened on North Jackson Street.

“She told me I was lying and an (expletive) fool,” the officer reported of stopping her after he saw her strike his police car which was parked alongside the sidewalk on Jackson as he was assisting on a call. The officer noted that Bright kept driving after making contact with his patrol unit and that he had to run after the slow-moving car and hit on her hood three times before she stopped.

Things then escalated when he asked to see her driver license. “She bows up and stated that we didn’t intimidate her,” the officer reported, adding that when she finally did go to get her license, she pushed him out of the way.

The attitude and physical contact was enough for the officer to try to place her under arrest. However, she reportedly resisted, with several officers needed to handcuff her.

She will answer to the misdemeanor charge in General Sessions Court.

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