A woman chased down a would-be thief after she caught him rifling through her car looking for cigarettes.

The suspect, Jayson Carkhuff, 32, admitted to officers that he made a mistake when he entered the victim’s car in search of cigarettes. He said he spotted the smokes as he was returning from a cigarette run during which he found out the store had already closed. The suspect passed on a wallet inside the car, opting to only try to get the cigarettes.

The owner of the vehicle that was parked in a driveway on Bel Aire told police she saw the man prowling through her vehicle and confronted him. The suspect then took off on foot.

“She ran after the subject, tackled him to the ground and made him stay on the scene until officers arrived,” the police report reads.

The suspect has been cited into court for his indiscretion.

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