A woman was taken to the emergency room this past week after she choked on the evidence while trying to swallow an alleged bag of drugs before police could find it.

The woman, Amy Blankenship, 37, is charged with tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Her charges come after police were summoned to the scene of a burglary in process. When they arrived they were pointed to Blankenship and a man who had left the area on foot. They were found by officers minutes later and consent to a search of their persons.

“While Ms. Blankenship was being searched, she took a clear baggie with a white substance inside it and placed it in her mouth,” the police report revealed. “She began choking on the baggie she swallowed.”

Police called an ambulance to the scene. While EMS was checking her out, police found two empty syringes in her purse. She was later taken to the hospital while officers obtained warrants against her.

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