A woman was tased by officers as she fought lawmen inside a bathroom stall at Quick Mart this past week.

Police say Lesley Crocker refused to let go of her drugs after they found her inside the ladies’ room at the local establishment. They had been called there to answer to a call that a woman had laid out marijuana inside the restroom at the store.

Before they could even get to the store, police encountered her ride for the evening, passed out behind the while of his vehicle in front of the store. The man, Jeremy Stevens was later booked for public intoxication.

Upon entering the restroom, officers heard Crocker moving around behind the closed stall door. A peek through the crack of the door revealed the woman was fully clothed. However, when asked to open the door and step out, the woman claimed she had to put on her clothes. She then began trying to get rid of the marijuana she had laid out inside the stall, prompting officers to force their way in. The woman then fought with officers as they tried to take away her drugs and take her into custody. She was eventually tased and placed under arrest. It was not revealed why the woman had laid out her stash of marijuana in the bathroom.

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