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School Resource Officer for Tullahoma High School Willie Young was named the November Employee of the Month at the Nov. 9 meeting of the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen. From left are City Administrator Jennifer Moody, Young and Police Chief Jason Williams.

School Resource Officer Willie Young was named the Tullahoma Employee of the Month for November.

According to City Administrator Jennifer Moody, Young is “always in a positive, upbeat mood” and “makes it a point to constantly check in on the welfare of fellow officers as well as our staff.”

“He’s quick to volunteer and help if needed and many times takes it upon his own initiative to handle and take care of something without being asked just because he knows it’s the right thing to do.”

Additionally, Moody said, Young also treats people in a “caring and compassionate way” regardless of the reason he meets them, which is something the city and Tullahoma Police Department “cannot teach or train.”

“Whether it’s a citizen in distress or a person he’s having to arrest, he treats them all with compassion, Moody said. “We’re thankful for his service, his attitude and the ownership he constantly displays of our city.”

Police Chief Jason Williams added that Young exemplifies what he and his offers preach within the department.

“One of the things that we talk about and preach within the police department is taking ownership of not only our attitude but our actions as well,” Williams said. “We’ve been given so many demonstrations over the past several months in our profession of things that are wrong with law enforcement. SRO Young is everything that is right in law enforcement.”

Young thanked Williams and Moody for the recognition but also thanked God for allowing him to be in a position to serve the community in the first place.

Young is a hometown friend, having been born and raised in Tullahoma.

“I had asked God for one small thing,” he said. “When I decided that this was where I wanted to spend my life, being a minister, I said, ‘Put me in a place where I can be of help to my community.’ I couldn’t do that in the four walls of our church, so I asked Him to give me a job where I could be out where people are hurting. The job came open for a police officer, and He made a way out of no way. So I thank God for the opportunity, because everything I do is not a reflection of me; it’s a reflection of … my Heavenly Father.”

Young said he treats everyone with compassion and love “because it’s someone’s husband; someone’s wife.”

“It’s someone’s child,” he said. “One day, it might be mine, and I would want an officer to show them the same compassion that I do, regardless of the situation.”

He added he always makes each day a point where he can lay his head down at night and know that he has done the best that he can do that not only reflects upon the city and the police department, but also reflects upon God.

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