Transition Lite is a program for 8th grade students in Tullahoma, facilitated by THS principal, Kathy Rose. The program strives for the achievement and success of students on their way to becoming freshmen in high school.

Kathy Rose presented the program’s progress at The Tullahoma City School Board’s study session meeting on Monday, Sept. 9. Her results were comparing the credits failed in the 2017-18 school year before Transition Lite was used, to those failed while the program was utilized during the 2018-19 school year.

During the year before Transition Lite was used, in the 2017-18 school year, 41 students were enrolled with 154 credits failed. After the program began, the 2019-19 freshmen class of 37 students had only 56 credits failed, resulting in 54 final freshmen grades in core subjects with passing scores.

Rose also provided data supporting the results, with graphs displaying that last year’s freshmen class at THS tested proficient in three out of three reading categories, silent reading fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary, during winter 2019 benchmark exams. The reading composite score was at the 49th percentile, which is average. The risk of the class not being able to meet proficiency for next spring is low.

“I feel like it is evident that the program is definitely worth the investment,” Rose said. “We are doing a great thing for kids who have struggled with core classes in the past and need that extra push to get high school credits.”

The program currently has two teachers in the classroom, Renee Flowers and Ashley Obersteadt, along with 4 freshman teachers that participate in a rotation during the school year.

For more information regarding the Transition Lite program, call Tullahoma High School at 931-454-2620.

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