Tullahoma High School Football played host to a Big Man Challenge and 7v7 matchup with Fayetteville City High School and Franklin County High School this past week.

The Big Man Challenge included events that tested the players speed, agility, and strength. Players were challenged with a relay agility course, sled pushes for team time, and even pulled a tractor by ropes for team time.

“We split the big men on our team into two groups, one with the older boys and one with the younger boys. Both teams did very well and competed hard,” Assistant Coach Mo Torres said.

“The challenge honestly was just to see new competition and get a great workout in. I didn’t get to talk with the Fayetteville City line coach, but Coach Brit, the Franklin County line coach, and I both felt like we got a lot of work in.”

The Big Man Challenge ended in the weight room where JV and Varsity teams both got to lift against each other. Varsity teams had to bench press 205 pounds for max reps, while the junior varsity teams bench pressed 135 pounds.

Tullahoma’s Varsity team and Junior Varsity team both got some action on the 7v7 field. Tullahoma’s team took on the defending state 1A champion Fayetteville City Tigers and the Franklin County Rebels.

“Coach Olive has been talking about 7v7 showing who the playmakers are and I think it did. Overall though it was fun and I think all of the guys can say the same thing. We all came out with energy and that is what plays a big role in our game along with playing all together,” Quarterback Ryan Scott said.

“I think we accomplished what we wanted from these 7 on 7’s. The biggest thing is we are taking steps forward and not backwards.”

Tullahoma’s first game will be on August 19 in Shelbyville against the Shelbyville Eagles. Kick off will be at 7 pm.