Wildcats football

The Tullahoma High School football team takes the field against Marshall County last Friday. The Wildcats are now ranked No. 3 in the Class 4A state rankings. 

Who will be named queen? That’s the usual question when it comes to the homecoming football game. This year though, Tullahoma’s biggest question marks heading into that contest are, who its opponent will be and if that Sept. 18 contest will even be taking place.

Late Wednesday, Spring Hill High School – who was Tullahoma’s initially scheduled homecoming opponent – announced that it would be closing for two weeks, forcing students to head home until Sept. 23. Initially, athletics at Spring Hill were not going to be taking place for that time period. However, according to a release put out by the school that may be subject to change, that according to Tullahoma Head Coach John Olive.

“Here’s the statement, ‘As of right now, we are shut down until Sept. 23. Except, we may reconsider at the first of next week.’ So you interpret that one,” Olive said.

While it’s uncertain whether or not the Raiders will be able to play, Tullahoma will need to try to find an opponent soon for that upcoming contest. If Spring Hill is unable to compete in that game, the Wildcats would automatically receive a win for that Region 4-4A contest, while the Raiders’ record would go unaffected. However, Tullahoma could opt to replace that game against a non-region opponent.

“There’s a website that was put up by the Tennessee Football Coaches Association where they are listing teams looking for open dates,” Olive said. “I looked at it briefly last night… When I talked to [Spring Hill] Coach [Ben] Martin last night, he was on the phone with his county director of the school system. Good ole 2020 is all I can say... They kind of have us in a pickle.”

Olive added that he hopes to hear early next week from Spring Hill on whether or not they are going to be able to play that homecoming game. However, he said that he’s going to go ahead and start making contact with other teams just in case.

“My guess is, that I will spend most of tomorrow trying to see if we can get that game replaced and somebody to come here,” Olive said on Thursday. “That’s the other thing, everybody is hurting financially and we are all probably looking for home games.

“It’s another 2020 issue. So we will look to see if we can find an appropriate opponent. That’s the other thing, a lot of times, the teams who are looking are the teams that nobody wants to play. We may find out that we are one of those teams that people don’t want to play right now.”

One thing that is certain, Tullahoma (3-0, 1-0) will be heading to Franklin County (0-3, 0-1) this Friday. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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