Petros Pisinos

Petros Pisinos captured the boy's singles title last week after beating Coffee County's Jaden Talley in straight sets. 

When play concluded at the district individual tennis tournament, Tullahoma’s Petros Pisinos was left standing on the boys’ side as he was crowned this year’s singles boys champion.

“Winning this title is definitely one of my proudest high school achievements,” Pisinos said. “I started out tennis by just wildly hitting the ball and admiring the top-ranked kids on the team. Now, I look at my game and see how much I have improved and the titles I have won.

“The district tournament was always something I dreamed of winning but never actually thought possible so whenever I won my match, I was absolutely stoked that I was not only able to call myself the District Champion but also felt like a childhood dream of mine had been made real.”

During that championship match, Pisinos was pitted against a familiar opponent in Coffee County’s Jaden Talley. After trailing 3-0 in the first set, Pisinos rallied and won 7-6 in a tiebreaker to gain the early edge.

“My mentality during that match was all over the place because I was excited to be in the finals and nervous to be playing the number-two ranked guy,” Pisinos said. “We had previous run-ins this season and I won all of them, but I have been playing him for five years, and it is never an easy match.

“He’s been my friend on and off the court for years. It’s hard to play him because I have to switch from a mindset that sees him purely as a friend and great guy to one that views him as my opponent and someone to beat.”

The second set saw a much stronger performance from Pisinos as he dominated to take the district crown. That second game saw Pisinos score a 6-2 victory to conclude play.

“That match really tested my determination and want for the district title so I am glad that everything went down the way it did,” Pisinos said.

As a team, Tullahoma will get its district tournament started on Thursday and the Wildcats come in as the second-ranked team in the district. Tullahoma will host three-seed Coffee County on Thursday with play getting underway at 4 p.m.

The Region Individual Tournament is scheduled to get underway at on May 17 at the Adams Tennis Complex in Murfreesboro. According to Pisinos, he can’t wait to get play underway.

 “I am super excited to play because I know some of the kids that I will be up against and they are great players,” he said. “I have faced them before in tournaments and have developed bonds with them that stretch back years. My coach already told me that we will be having team practices for the next couple of weeks, so attending those as a final get-together with my team will definitely prepare me for regionals.

“I think the fact that I have been able to make it to regionals is what I am proud of because I can show everyone what I’ve got as well as try my best and advance in the tournament.”