Passing on the love of the game to a new generation of tennis players was one of the intentions of the Middle Tennessee Tennis Club’s youth camp recently held at Lakewood Golf and Country Club.

During the three day camp, kids learned the basics of the forehand, backhand and serve. Coach Manny Buchanan also taught some doubles strategy. 

After the day camp, the kids enjoyed some time in the pool at Lakewood.

“Passing on the love of the game is everything. I coach a lot of different sports, but tennis is different. You can play it throughout your whole life,” Coach Buchanan said. “Passing it on means that you get families playing together because it’s something that they can do together. And you have lifelong athletes staying healthy. It’s something that once you start playing, you don’t want to stop.”

With camps like the one hosted by Coach Buchanan, the sport of tennis has begun to grow throughout the area. Youths from Moore County, Shelbyville Central High school, Coffee County High School, Tullahoma High school and Cascade High school all took part in helping with the camp.

Buchanan hopes to host another camp later this month at Lakewood Golf and Country Club.