Mays Snipes, Caroline McCullough

Caroline McCullough takes Mays Snipes' temperature before workouts on Friday. When arriving to workouts, every THS athlete has to first get their temperature checked. 

After not being able to do anything for the last couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tullahoma athletes returned to a little bit of normalcy last week, as workouts began for high school sports.

The Tullahoma High School football team officially started fall workouts this past Wednesday. However, practices look a little different than usual.

Upon arrival, every player and coach is required to meet at the concession stand, located at the top of the Rudy Hensel Track. From there, players and coaches will have their temperature taken. Anybody with a temperature above 100.4 Fahrenheit degrees will be sent home. Any athlete who has a high temperature or feels sick is encouraged to stay at home.

Locker rooms are closed, so athletes must bring athletic shoes, cleats and workout gear with them. All players are also required to bring their own water bottles with their names written on them.

Workouts will consist of seven different groups, each working in 90 minute intervals. Each group consists of 10 players. Social distancing has been mandated throughout all workouts. After each group session, cleaning and disinfecting will be taking place.

After beginning workouts on Wednesday, workouts are scheduled to continue through June 19. After that, football and other sports will enter a two-week dead period that is mandated by the Tennessee Secondary Sport Athletic Association.

According to the schedule, players and coaches will once again be allowed to continue practices on Monday, July 6. As of press time, the TSSAA has made no ruling on the start of fall sports and those are expected to continue as originally scheduled.

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