Both of the Tullahoma High School bowling teams suffered their first losses of the season after dropping a pair of home matches Tuesday to Lawrence County.

On the boys’ side, THS dropped to 4-1 on the season after falling 20.5-6.5. The Tullahoma girls fell to 1-1 on the season, losing a much tighter matchup, 15-12.

That girls matchup was so close that it came down to who had knocked down the most pins on the night. At the end of the third set, Tullahoma and Lawrence County were tied at 12.

However, Lawrence County received the win after knocking down just 14 more pins, 2,720-2,706. That allowed Lawrence County to secure the final three points of the matchup, as it went on to clinch the 15-12 victory.

In the opening set, Tullahoma and Lawrence County split the three individual matches. However, Lawrence County gained the edge, receiving two additional points for leading in pins, 943-937, taking a 5-3 advantage.

Keilee Northcutt notched the first win for Tullahoma, downing Skylar Stutts 136-93. Hope Sebourn added a 191-152 victory over McKenna Rochelle. Lynsey Jackson contributed a 204-156 win over Shayana Long.

Madelyn Hamilton lost her matchup as Kenzie Renfro notched a 156-133 victory for Lawrence County. Lexi Huntley downed Madyson McCreary 170-123, before Madison Goshert rounded out the opening set with a 187-150 victory over Destiny Brown.

Tullahoma and Lawrence County again split the individual matchups in the second set. Mirroring the first set, Lawrence County also led in pins, 895-863, on its way to taking a 10-6 advantage.

Northcutt opened the second set with a win for Tullahoma, beating Shayne Long, 134-124. Sebourn notched a 171-134 victory over Rochelle, before Jackson defeated Bonnie McNeese 189-103.

Renfro picked up the first win for Lawrence County, beating Hamilton 188-118. Huntley added a 139-116 win over McCreary, before Goshert closed out the set with a 207-135 victory over Brown.

In the final set, Tullahoma won four of the six individual matchups. THS also led the set in pins, 906-882, evening the score at 12.

Northcutt led off the set with a 168-157 win over Long, notching Tullahoma’s first win of the set. Sebourn added a 180-129 victory over Rochelle. McCreary then downed McKenzie Cunningham 134-104, before Jackson closed out the match with a 185-128 win over Goshert.

Renfro notched the first of two wins for Lawrence County in the final set as she defeated Hamilton 177-139. Huntley followed with a 187-100 victory over Brown.

On the boys’ side, Tullahoma lost control of the match in the second set, and could never recover in its 20.5-6.5 loss.

During the opening set, Tullahoma and Lawrence County split the individual matchups. However, Lawrence County led in pins, 1,070-989, to take a 5-3 advantage.

Joe Pope recorded the first win for THS, beating Braden Guthrie 177-159. Andrew Gonce added a 185-161 victory. Harley Penn then downed Collin Husen 201-172.

Isaac Blanton recorded the first win for Lawrence County, downing Jackson Manderson 162-142. Caleb Van Abel added a 188-127 win over Josh Frank, before Colton Moore defeated AJ Matelstreet 228-157.

Lawrence County added four wins in the second set, while also leading in pins, 1,058-1,004, grabbing an 11-5 advantage.

Frank and Matelstreet picked up the two wins for Tullahoma. Frank defeated Sam Rose 185-141, while Matelstreet notched a 159-118 win over Gage Frakes.

Blanton led off the set with a win for Lawrence County, picking up a 165-109 win. Manderson started the last matchup for Tullahoma, but was pulled in the fourth set for Keegan Hadley. Van Abel then defeated Pope 213-177. Moore added a 208-172 victory over Gonce, before Husen closed out the set with a 213-202 victory over Penn.

In the third set, Lawrence County notched four individual wins, while splitting another matchup with Tullahoma. Lawrence County also led the set in pins, 1,056-1,019, taking a 17.5-6.5 advantage. Lawrence County received the final three points of the match, after leading in pins, 3,184-3,012, going on to notch the 20.5-6.5 victory.

Matelstreet recorded the lone win for Tullahoma in the final set, downing Aaron Kilburn 189-146. Pope and Van Abel split their matchup at 187.

Blanton led off the final set with a win for Lawrence County, and he defeated Elijah Wood 159-120. Guthrie added a 180-171 victory over Frank. Moore picked up a 191-183 win over Gonce, before Husen recorded a 193-169 win over Penn.

Both Tullahoma teams will next play host to Putnam County on Monday. Matches are scheduled to get underway at 3:30 p.m.