After opening the year in late September, the THS bowling teams continued their seasons, dominating in wins at Summit on Tuesday.

The Wildcats improved to 2-1 on the season with a 23-4 victory over Summit. The Lady Wildcats improved to 1-1 on the season with a 22-5 win on Tuesday.

In the opening game of the girls match, Tullahoma went on to win five of the six individual games. The Lady Wildcats also led in the opening set in pins, 815-619, receiving two additional points, increasing their lead to 7-1.

Emma Isley secured the first individual win for THS with a 106-76 victory. Lynsey Jackson followed with a 188-125 win, before Hope Sebourn added a 156-88 victory. Madelyn Hamilton beat her opponent 119-113 before Keilee Northcutt closed out the set with a 141-58 victory.

In the second set, Tullahoma added four more wins in the individual matches. Once again, the Lady Wildcats led in pins, 818-707, increasing its lead to 13-3.

Jackson notched a 179-120 victory to get Tullahoma’s first win in the second set. Sebourn added a 147-117 win. Hamilton picked up a 148-85 victory, before Northcutt closed out the set with a 145-66 win.

Tullahoma closed out the final set with four more individual wins before again leading in pins, 809-705. The Lady Wildcats received the final three points in Tuesday’s contest after leading the overall match in pins, 2,442-2,031, going on to capture the 22-5 victory.

Jackson again won her matchup in the final set, picking up a 188-112 win. Sebourn followed with a 150-69 victory. Hamilton downed her opponent 125-89 before Northcutt closed out the match with a 115-100 win.

In the boys matchup, Tullahoma won four of the first six individual matchups in the opening set. The Wildcats also led the opening set in pins, 946-863, opening up a 6-2 advantage.

Ben Watson secured the first win on the day for the Tullahoma, defeating his opponent 146-117. Oliver Lawson followed with a 198-119 victory. Trent Noyce secured a 166-138 win before Jackson Manderson picked up a 171-154 victory.

Tullahoma swept the individual matchups in the second set and led in pins, 988-754, taking a commanding 14-2 lead. Andrew Gonce led off the second set with a 182-180 victory. Watson followed with a 139-103 win, before Lawson secured a 167-136 victory. Noyce defeated his opponent 179-132. Kegan Hadley notched a 182-81 win before Manderson secured a 139-122 victory.

Tullahoma followed with four more wins in the individual matchups in the third frame and led in pins, 1,035-753, opening up a 20-4 advantage. The Wildcats received the final three points after leading the match in pins, 2,969-2,370, going on to win 23-4.

Lawson secured the first win in the final set for the Wildcats with a 247-90 victory. Chris Blaylock added a 152-137 win. Cane Epperson notched a 134-108 victory before Gavin Klein closed out the match with a 177-76 win.

Prior to Tuesday’s matchup, the THS boys team had played two earlier matches, falling at home to Franklin County on Sept. 25, before securing a 22.5-4.5 win at Marshall County on Sept. 27.

In the loss to Franklin County, the Wildcats and Rebels were tied at 4 at the end of the first set. However, Franklin County seized control in the second set, opening up an 11-5 advantage.

Tullahoma attempted to cut into that deficit with four individual wins in the final frame. It wasn’t enough though, as Franklin County led the match in overall pins, 3,140-3,052, going on to capture the 16-11 victory.

Two days later at Marshall County, Tullahoma took control from the start, taking a 6-2 lead after the first set. The Wildcats upped that lead to 12.5-3.5 after the second set, before closing out the match with a 22.5-4.5 victory.

On the girls side on Sept. 27, Tullahoma struggled early at Marshall County, falling behind 5.5-2.5 after the first set. The teams split the second set, but Marshall County led in pins, taking a 10.5-5.5 advantage.

The Lady Tigers controlled the third set and led the match in pins, 2,676-2,458, going on to capture the 19.5-7.5 victory.

Both Tullahoma teams are scheduled to host Columbia Academy on Oct. 15. Matches are scheduled to get underway at 3:30 p.m.

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