Dominating from the very start, the Tullahoma Middle School Black Team improved to 5-2 on the season, picking up a 26-1 victory over Rockvale in Smyrna on Tuesday.

The TMS Red Team was slated to take on Christina on Thursday. However, as of press time, the full results of that matchup were unavailable.

In the opening set on Tuesday, the TMS Black Team won all six of the individual matchups to take complete control of the contest. The Wildcats then added two additional points to their score after leading the set in pins, 719-425, taking a commanding 8-0 advantage.

Lonnie Brown led off the first set with a win for the Wildcats, defeating Shannon Kopp 149-54. Aiden Floyd followed with a 142-83 win over Cole Phillips. Zoe Holley notched a 131-70 victory over Keira Strichart. Rachael Mitchell followed with a 93-62 win over Teagan Lincovich. Christina Petty added a 105-74 victory over Weston Phinney, before Colton Hayes closed out the opening set by beating Liam Clark 99-82.

Tullahoma again swept the individual matches in the second set, grabbing a 14-0 advantage. The Wildcats led the second set in pins, 732-455, to go ahead 16-0.

Brown led off the second set with a 104-96 win over Kopp. Floyd followed with a 123-101 victory against Phillips. Holley added a 184-60 win over Strichart. Mitchell defeated Lincovich 118-58. Petty notched a 110-54 win over Phinney, before Hayes beat Clark 93-86.

Tullahoma won five of the six individual matches in the third set and also led in pins, 696-481, taking a 23-1 advantage. The Wildcats received the final three points of the day, after leading the match in pins, 2,147-1,361, going on to capture the 26-1 victory.

Floyd secured the first win in the final set for Tullahoma, beating Phillips 89-65. Holley followed with a 103-77 victory over Strichart. Mitchell then scored a 125-74 win over Lincovich. Petty defeated Phinney 173-82, before Hayes closed out the match with a 119-78 victory over Clark.

Both Tullahoma teams are scheduled to travel to Smyrna for matches on Tuesday at Lanes, Trains and Automobiles. The TMS Red Team is slated to face Oakland, while the TMS Black Team will take on Christiana. Both matches are scheduled to get underway at 4 p.m.