The Tullahoma Middle School Red Bowling team improved to 6-0 on the season, recording back-to-back wins the last two weeks.

The TMS Red Team defeated Rockvale 27-0 on Feb. 25, before notching a 24-3 win over the Tullahoma Black Team on Tuesday. Prior to Tuesday’s match, the Tullahoma Black Team was coming off of an 18-9 win off of Whitworth, making its record 3-3 on the season.

On Tuesday, the TMS Red Team grabbed control early, winning five of the six individual matchups in the first set. The Red Team added two points to its score after leading the set in pins, 950-781, grabbing a 7-1 lead.

Jordyn Pilkington led off the set with a 160-110 win for the Red Team. Emilee Hewitt followed with a 153-122 victory. Lane McCreary added a 146-120 win, while Zoe Holley scored a 163-109 victory and Caden Savard closed out the set with a 205-159 win.

Christina Petty recorded the lone win for the TMS Black Team in the first set, after she notched a 161-123 victory.

The TMS Red Team swept the second set, winning all six of the individual matchups. The TMS Red Team once again led in pins, 1,003-775, to open up a 15-1 lead.

Pilkington recorded a 142-116 win to start the second set, while Britten Perry added a 152-124 victory. Evan Eldridge followed with a 208-152 win, while McCreary scored a 167-110 victory. Holley added a 123-109 win, while Ashton Womack scored a 211-164 victory.

The TMS Red Team won four of the individual matchups in the third set and also led in pins, 900-814. The TMS Red Team also added the final three points of the day after leading the match in pins, 2,853-2,370, going on to secure the 24-3 win.

Pilkington notched the first win for the Red Team, after picking up a 156-120 win. Perry followed with a 122-113 victory. McCreary added a 178-107 win, while Holley scored a 138-99 victory.

Petty and Rachel Mitchell scored the final wins for the TMS Black Team. Petty downed her opponent 151-146, while Mitchell scored a 224-160 victory.

In its 27-0 win over Rockvale, the TMS Red Team had an advantage when it came to players, as Rockvale only fielded a team of four. Because of that, Tullahoma automatically received two wins in each set.

In the win over Whitworth, the Tullahoma Black Team was tied at 8 entering the final set. The Wildcats dominated the final set, winning five of the six games, while also leading in pins, 778-607, to secure the win. Tullahoma added the final three points of the match after leading in pins, 2,197-1,938, scoring the 18-9 victory.

Bryson McKelvie notched the first win for Tullahoma in the final set, edging out his opponent 92-90. Devyn Eddins followed with a 111-83 win, while Aidan Floyd scored a 158-114 victory. Petty followed with a 139-107 win, while Mitchell closed out the match with a 160-80 victory.

Both Tullahoma teams will close out the regular season on Tuesday. The Tullahoma Red Team will face Whitworth, while the Tullahoma Black squad will face Rockvale. Start time is scheduled for 4:15 p.m.

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