Tullahoma kept its perfect record intact during Monday’s matchup, improving to 4-0 on the season, and just missed being perfect in a 26-1 road win over Mt. Pleasant.

The Tigers did not have enough bowlers to field a complete team and only had four individuals competing. Due to that shortage, Tullahoma received two automatic wins during each of the three sets.

The Wildcats took advantage in the first set and swept all six of the individual matchups. The Wildcats added two more points to take an 8-0 advantage, after leading the opening game in pins, 1,019-444.

Josh Frank recorded the first win for Tullahoma, notching a 177-134 victory. Lance Thompson followed with a 158-93 win, while Andrew Gonce went unopposed in his matchup, rolling a 180. AJ Matelstreet followed with a 180-60 win over his opponent, before Gunnar Klein notched a 160-149 victory. Harley Penn also went unopposed in his matchup, scoring a 165.

Tullahoma once again swept the individual matchups in the second set to take a 14-0 lead. The Wildcats upped their lead to 16-0 after leading the second game in pins, 1,047-402.

Frank led off the second set with a 202-94 win, while Caden Savard added a 158-107 victory. Gonce once again went unopposed in his matchup, and rolled a 165. Matelstreet followed with a 191-108 victory, before Klein notched a 183-93 win. Elijah Wood went unopposed and put up a 148.

Tullahoma then added five more individual wins in the third game, before it led the final set in pins, 941-456. The Wildcats received Monday’s final three points after leading the match in pins, 3,007-1,302, in order to record the 26-1 victory.

Frank notched the first win in the final set, downing his opponent 150-121. Gonce did not face an opponent and scored a 165. Matelstreet followed with Monday’s high score for Tullahoma, notching a 193-93 win, while Klein recorded a 187-96 victory. Penn closed out the match by going unopposed and rolling a 174.

Tullahoma is next scheduled to travel to Lawrence County for a Thursday contest. Competition is scheduled to get underway at 3:30 p.m.

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