The Tullahoma High school boys bowling team opened its season with a strike, picking up a 19.5-7.5 home win over Spring Hill on Monday.

While the Wildcats opened their season on Monday, the Lady Wildcats will have to wait until Oct. 14 to get its year underway. Both THS teams will head to Columbia Central on Oct. 14 to take part in a match. Start time is scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

In the opening set of the match on Monday, Tullahoma won two of the six individual matches, while splitting another game. However, the Wildcats gained the slight edge, after leading the opening set in pins, 1,042-997, receiving two additional points, taking a 4.5-3.5 advantage.

Jackson Manderson led off the match with a win for Tullahoma, picking up a 199-118 victory over Nicollette Harper. Andrew Gonce added a 211-77 win over Casiddy Garrison for the Wildcats’ second win of the opening set. Tullahoma’s Joe Pope would tie with David Yauger, each scoring 180 to split the match point.

In the second set, Tullahoma took control, winning four of the six individual matches. The Wildcats followed by adding two more points to its score after leading in pins, 1,087-1,030, taking a 10.5-5.5 advantage.

Manderson led off the second set with a win for Tullahoma, notching a 187-158 win over Harper. Gonce later scored a 165-108 victory over Emily Stewart. AJ Matelstreet added a 180-152 win over Ty Williams, while Harley Penn beat Jeremy Geralds 242-194.

Tullahoma scored four of the six individual wins in the final set, and again led in pins, 1,055-1,041, upping its lead to 16.5-7.5. The Wildcats then received the final three points on Monday, after leading the overall match in pins, 3,184-3,068, going on to capture the 19.5-7.5 win.

Maderson notched a win for Tullahoma in the final set, beating Nick Erdman 166-161. Patrick Watts edged out Harper for a 147-146 victory. Gonce scored a 195-151 win over Stewart. Matelstreet recorded the final win for THS, beating Chris Savage 203-169.