The Tullahoma High School Football team hosted a youth football camp this week at the Creed McClure Complex, teaching future Wildcats the tricks of the trade for future football success.

“We have about 64 kids,” Assistant Coach Coy Sisk said of the camp attendees. “These kids, this time last year were shut down. I mean, everything was. So for them to get out and be able to move around makes our summertime.”

The campers learned skills from the Tullahoma players throughout the three-day camp, which ended Wednesday.

“If we don’t share this information it just dies, so we enjoy sharing this with young kids,” Sisk said.

 Some of the skills campers learned included throwing drills from Tullahoma quarterback Ryan Scott and agility from Brock Stroop, according to Sisk.

“These skills carry over into other sports; it doesn’t have to be football,” Sisk added. “My daughters are here. We have girls here, and that is great. The more sports kids can play in Tullahoma, the better off we are going to be.”

Sisk said having camps like the youth football camp can help make Friday night football games more exciting as students learn and hone their athletic skills.

 “These camps make Friday nights a lot more special,” he said. “Now these kids have a face with the name.”

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