The Tullahoma Wrestling program is preparing the kids to wrestle through life. The program starts at elementary and goes all the way through high school. Some high school wrestlers choose to continue their career through college. Six wrestlers in the past four years have committed to continue their career and love of the sport.

The Tullahoma Elementary Wrestling season is starting to wrap up with next week being their last matches. The Robert E. Lee Lions will take on the Jack T. Farrar Frogs Oct. 18. The Bel-Aire Bees and the East Lincoln Eagles will wrap up the season on Oct. 20.

“The wrestlers have improved tremendously. They have learned the basic skills and the object of the sport of wrestling,” Girls Head Coach Jenna Morris said.

The league is up to 80 kids and four teams. The program plans to keep growing in the future.

“With this league, our hopes are for each wrestler to have fun, first-and-foremost. We also want the wrestlers to develop an understanding of the basic skills and begin to develop a love for our sport,” Morris said.

The high school wrestlers have gotten their coaching experience this year. The THS wrestlers help coach each team and cheer the young wrestlers on during their matches. THS wrestlers are also chosen to referee the matches to keep the matches clean and fun.

“The high schoolers have enjoyed teaching and getting to know our program’s future. They are continuing to learn to give back to their program, their community, and the sport of wrestling,” Morris said.

The Tullahoma Wrestling Program now spans from elementary to high school to where some wrestlers carry on to college. Last year, the wrestling program had one wrestler continue their wrestling career.

Divine Desilets continued her wrestling career at St. Andrews University. The Tullahoma girls program has four girls currently wrestling in college. Jane Allen, Destiny Shelton, Haley Viviers and Desilets all wrestle at the collegiate level.

The boy’s program has had two wrestlers continue to wrestle in college in the past four years. Brenden Adkins and Cal Rogers both wrestled at King University last year.

Coach Jenna Morris shared how wrestling teaches you more about life.

“Wrestling is a life-changing sport. It builds character and teaches kids self-discipline to an extent that no other sport can,” Morris said. “While they wrestle one-on-one with just themselves and their opponents, they gain a tight-knit family that is and will continue to cheer each other on through every stage of life. Wrestling is different. If you have been around it, you know.”

The coach noted that excelling in wrestling is always a work in progress.

“Wrestlers learn that success doesn’t happen overnight; they have to work hard for it every single day and trust the process,” Morris said. “Wrestlers learn how to dig deep and how to get up, time-and-time again, after getting knocked down, over-and-over. Through their hard work and determination, they gain a level of self-confidence no other sport can provide.”

The coach cautioned that life on the mat isn’t for everyone as it can be a demanding sport.

“Wrestling isn’t for the faint of heart and can teach every kid to be a warrior on the mat and in life.”

The elementary school season will continue on through Oct. 20. The middle school program will begin Oct. 26. The Tullahoma High School kick off their season with their annual preseason tournament Nov. 13 held at the Tullahoma High School gymnasium.