Both THS bowling teams split a pair of home matchups this week when they hosted Santa Fe on Monday and Marshall County on Tuesday.

The Lady Wildcats opened their week with a 22-5 victory over Santa Fe. However, the THS girls team couldn’t secure a win over Marshall County, losing 21-6.

On Tuesday, the Lady Tigers controlled the match from the start, winning five of the six games in the opening set. Marshall County also led the set in pins, 845-778, taking a 7-1 lead.

Madelyn Hamilton secured the lone win for THS in the opening set, beating Madison Hinson 142-77.

Tullahoma added two more wins in the second set, but Marshall County was able to up its lead to 13-3 heading into the final stanza. Lynsey Jackson notched a win for the Lady Wildcats, beating Katie Udell 204-116. Hamilton added another win, defeating Hinson 100-92.

The teams split the six matchups in the third set, but Marshall County led in pins, 904-765, taking an 18-6 advantage. The Lady Tigers added the final three points of the day, after leading the match in pins, 2,635-2,406, going on to win 21-6.

Madysen McCreary notched the first win for THS in the final set, beating Victoria Currin 119-117. Hope Sebourn added a 182-76 victory over Abby Self, before Hamilton defeated Hinson 94-74.

Monday was a different story for the Lady Wildcats as they won four of the six games in each the first and second set, opening up a 12-4 lead over Santa Fe.

Tullahoma followed by adding five wins in the final set, also leading in pins, 869-500. The Lady Wildcats also led the match in pins, 2,461-1,702, going on to capture the 22-5 victory.

Jackson notched a 217-72 win to start the final frame for THS. Sebourn added a 162-92 victory. Hamilton picked up a 104-99 win, before Keilee Northcutt notched a 143-126 victory. McCreary went unopposed in her matchup, rolling a 135.

In the boys matchup on Monday, Tullahoma led Santa Fe 10-6 heading into the final set. Santa Fe went on to win four of the six matchups in the final stanza, and also led in pins, 1,051-1,010, tying the match at 12.

The match came down to total pins, where Santa Fe had the slight advantage, winning by 21 pins, 3,280-3,259, and receiving three additional points to seal the 15-12 victory.

Andrew Gonce and Jackson Manderson were the two who picked up wins in the final set for Tullahoma. Gonce defeated his opponent 162-135, before Manderson picked up a 207-160 victory.

On Tuesday, the Wildcats found themselves in a familiar tight matchup. This time, Tullahoma was able to pick up the match, winning 15-12.

After again leading 10-6 heading into the final set, Tullahoma held on for the victory. Marshall County attempted to take that win away though, winning four of the six games in the third set, and leading in pins, 1,048-1,029, evening the score at 12.

Again, the final result came down to total pins, where Tullahoma led 3,135-2,941, capturing the 15-12 victory.

Oliver Lawson and Manderson notched wins in the final frame for Tullahoma. Lawson defeated his opponent 223-139 and Manderson picked up a 214-179 victory.

Tullahoma took control early in the match with five wins in the opening set, and led in pins, 1,121-902, leading 7-1. Josh Frank, Gonce, Lawson, Manderson and Trent Noyce secured wins for the Wildcats.

Tullahoma and Marshall County split the matches in the second set. The Tigers led the second set in pins, 991-985, cutting the score to 10-6. Gonce, Lawson and Manderson all picked up wins for Tullahoma in the second set.

Both Tullahoma teams will play again on Thursday when they travel to take on Lawrence County. Matches are scheduled to get underway at 3:30 p.m.