After being pitted against each other early in the season, the Tullahoma Middle School Red Team improved to 2-0 on the year, downing the Tullahoma Middle School Black Team 23-4 on Tuesday.

In the first two sets, the TMS Red squad won five of the six individual matchups. In the final set, the TMS Black Team was able to secure two individual wins. With the match loss, the TMS Black Team drops to 1-1 on the season.

After notching five wins in the individual matchups, the TMS Red Team received two additional points for leading in pins, 815-679, taking a 7-1 advantage.

Lane McCreary secured the first victory of the day for the TMS Red Team, beating Lonnie Brown 151-99. Ashton Womack followed with a 144-130 win over Aiden Floyd. Lance Thompson added a 160-140 victory over Zoe Holley. Emilee Hewitt picked up a 134-83 win over Rachel Mitchell before Elijah Wood secured a 135-112 victory over Colton Hayes.

Christina Petty picked up the lone win for the TMS Black Team in the opening set. Petty defeated Caden Savard 115-91 in her matchup.

The TMS Red Team extended its lead after winning five of the individual matchups in the second set, before also leading in pins, 837-668, taking a 14-2 advantage.

McCreary scored the first win of the second set for the TMS Red Team, downing Brown 165-99. Womack again followed with a 136-128 victory over Floyd. Hewitt scored a 159-94 win over Mitchell. Savard defeated Petty 122-66, before Wood ended the set with a 132-90 victory over Hayes.

Holley was the lone win for the TMS Black Team in the second set, taking down Thompson 191-123.

The TMS Red Team added four more wins in the third set and again led in pins, 872-762, taking a 21-3 advantage. The final three points of the day went to the TMS Red Team after it led the overall match in pins, 2,524-2,109.

McCreary scored the first win of the final set for the TMS Red Team, defeating Brown 157-108. Thompson added a 162-140 win over Holley. Hewitt followed with a 159-110 victory over Mitchell, before Savard downed Petty 92-86.

Floyd and Hayes each secured a win for the TMS Black Team in the final set. Floyd defeated Womack 149-142, while Hayes beat Wood 169-160.

Both Tullahoma teams will travel to Lanes, Trains and Automobiles in Smyrna on Tuesday for their matchups. The TMS Red Team will take on Whitworth, while the TMS Black Team will face off against Oakland. Matches are scheduled to start at 4 p.m.