Duane Sherrill

Executive Editor


Tennessee’s 2021 Free Fishing Day is set for this Saturday, June 12, where anyone may fish free without a license in the state's public waters.


It’s funny what you can see in your rearview mirror with just a glance when you’re rolling down the road at highway speed.


This week from "That New Guy," Duane describes living without air conditioning for a weekend as "living in a sweat box." Read his full column at the link. 


The Coffee Airfoilers Model RC Club will host an airplane toss competition June 26 at the Coffee Airfoilers Field on Arnold Air Force Base in celebration of AEDC’s 70th anniversary.


Embolden with the words of the patriotic Lee Greenwood song – “God Bless the USA” – the roof of a barn on the outskirts of Tullahoma sends a powerful message from one veteran to another this Memorial Day.

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The scarf on a miniature pilot flaps in the wind as a model aircraft zips across the Coffee Airfoiler runway during their recent Fly Away Canc…

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A RC pilot has his plane hover just feet above the ground.

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A pilot preps his plane for flight during the recent Coffee Airfoiler event.

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Scores of RC fans attended the recent Coffee Airfoiler event at their airstrip near AEDC.

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