Polio still exists. Hopefully each of you have been immunized against polio. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, people were so scared of polio and the damage it could cause to the body and for some even death. For some, it meant long stays in an iron lung in order to be able to breathe. With scienti… Read more

The Tullahoma Middle School Cross Country Teams are state bound after their performances at the TMSAA Regionals. The Boys’ team placed sixth out of 23 schools, and the girls’ team landed a top three spot out of 18 schools. Read more

Alysa Harper, 14, from Tullahoma, who attends Coffee County Raider Academy as a freshman, recently came close to losing her family pet "Beardog" due to sickness. Thankfully, with the support from family and friends, he recovered.  Afterwards she felt compelled to do her part and help others. In the past two weeks, she has collected donations and purchased over 400 lbs. of dog food to help support the Coffee County Animal Shelter. Read more